Measure of Music

What Is It?

Measure of Music started as a three day weekend program to give music industry hopefuls & industry career changers a crash course (and a finished project!) in music & data with some of the most influencial people and companies driving the democratization of music data around the world.

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February 2024 Event Recap

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The fourth annual music tech & data conference & workshop, Measure of Music took place Feb 24-26, 2023, presented by Audiense. There were 91 project participants, 36 speakers, 6 weekend staff members, 27 mentors, 24 judges, 17 sponsors, and over 2100 spectators. Spectators watched the 14 talks and panels while hackathon participants had just 48 hours to put together a music data project that they presented to the judges and their peers with the help of mentors and staff throughout the weekend and data, project ideas (and prizes!) provided by sponsors. Our sponsors this year were Audiense, Chartmetric,, Songkick, The Orchard, Luminate, ONErpm, BandLab, and The Mechanical Licensing Collective (The MLC). Our Career Fair was sponsored by Jobs by ROSTR. Our location sponsors were BMAT Music Innovators in Barcelona and Drexel University Westphal College of Media Arts & Design in Philadelphia. We had promotional & marketing support from Gig Life Pro, Industry in Spanglish, Keychange, Keychange US and LIVE OUT L!VE.

With almost 200 people registered to participate, only 91 project/hackathon participants made it to the end. Our participants came from 18 countries and were teamed together to create their projects. This year we introduced the artist project track which paired teams up with an emerging artist to develop a data-driven comprehensive artist development plan inclusive of community, financial & marketing plans, a mailing list, and a website. Outside of the artist projects, participants were free to choose their own topics. Overall, the topics widely fell into these areas: Community & Fandom, which are projects focused on how fans & artists come together, and Integrations, Partnerships & Connections, which are projects focused on bridging the gap between different parts of the industry such as brands & artists or aiming to enhance a user’s experience with music.

Our winning team this year included a member of last year's third place team, Julia Perla. A quarter of participants this year have been involved (spectator, previous participant, etc.) with Measure of Music in at least one of the previous years--a testament to the strength of this community. Our first-place team presented a project called "Homestage", a platform for local and independent venues to book artists through search and recommendations. Our second-place team presented an artist project focused on the artist beee-on-uh, focused on her upcoming EP release Overkill. Our third-place team presented a project called "Fansync", a platform empowering artists to understand and own their fan data.

About the Founder

Hey, I’m Christine Osazuwa.

I’m a first generation Nigerian American living in London as an immigrant working in strategy at a music & events tech startup.

I started this because I get dozens of messages every week—from people wanting to do the same, people that never knew jobs like that existed and most importantly, people that have never seen someone that looked like themselves doing it.
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