Measure of Music

What Is It?

A free virtual three day weekend program to give music industry hopefuls & industry career changers a crash course (and a finished project!) in music & data.

What's Being Covered

  • Career options within music & data
  • Overviews on popular music data APIs
  • How & why data is used in the music industry
  • Visualizing & incorporating data into music writing, journalism & design
  • Much more!

Who's Involved?

Some of the most influencial people and companies driving the democratization of music data around the world.




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  • If you're interested in getting involved for a future event, feel free to reach out!

About the Founder

Hey, I’m Christine Osazuwa.

I’m a first generation Nigerian American living in London as an immigrant working at a major label in music, marketing & data.

I started this because I get dozens of messages every week—from people wanting to do the same, people that never knew jobs like that existed and most importantly, people that have never seen someone that looked like themselves doing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're sad to see you go but thanks for being considerate enough to not ghost us. You can cancel your registration at You will automatically be changed to a presentation spectator.

Registration for the talks & panels have closed but you will be able to watch the project presentations on Sunday, February 28 starting at 18:45 UK | 19:45 PARIS | 13:45 NYC | 12:45 NASHVILLE | 10:45 LA.

We're really sorry for the inconvenience but hosting provider seems to be having an issue which is causing errors receiving or replying to emails from us! If you have that issue, you can email us at or if you are a participant during the weekend, reach out to Christine Osazuwa directly via Slack.

We were blown away by the response to the event. We got the amount of sign ups in 48 hours that we were expecting over 3 months and have subsequently amassed a large waitlist. Logistically, we've doubled our capacity but unfortunately, we still cannot accommodate everyone. Because of that, those that join/joined the waitlist after Dec 20, 2020 are unlikely to be able to participate in the event. For those people, signing up as a waitlist participant prioritizes you for future events, keeps you informed of this event and automatically registers you as a presentation spectator. Those that joined the waitlist prior to Dec 20, 2020 will also be automatically added as a presentation spectator.

As we get cancellations, we will send out waitlist invitations to the email address you signed up with. Until Wed. Feb 24, you will have 24 hours to respond before we move to the next person on the waitlist, so please keep an eye on your email! After that time, as we get cancellations, we will continue to send waitlist invites only between 8AM to 8PM local time because you will have ONLY 2 hours to respond before we move to the next person on the waitlist so please be keep an eye on your email!

Confirmed participants will have until 6:30PM their local time on Friday, Feb 26 to check-in. Emails will go out to waitlisters as we get cancellations or from the 6:30PM cut off point. We will send email invites to the waitlist until 8AM local time Saturday, February 27 morning, in case we have any overnight dropouts. We understand that this means you may not be able to watch all content but we will do our best to make as much content available as possible to those moved off the waitlist.

When we send you an invite to participate, we will confirm how much time you have to respond and once you accept your invitation, you will be placed in a group & given access to data & recordings.

It's a free event to help you upskill--we hope that's motivation enough but on top of that, you'll hear how to use key music tech APIs directly from those developing and using the platforms every day. You'll be able to expand your network and meet people involved and interested in music, tech & data from all over the world. You'll also have a great new portfolio piece that you can show off to future employers.

The goal of this program is to increase the visibility of data in music, increase the accessibility of tech for minorities, and help build confidence and exposure for those looking to get into this space. If you're as passionate about these things as we are, then we hope that's enough!

But on top of that, we hope that it will also give you fresh talent to consider, more usage of your API to continue to grow & improve your platform, the potential to have a business question looked at with a fresh set of eyes, and of course, just the ability to help people that I'm are as passionate about music & tech as you!

There will be people with casual interest in music & data as well as people looking to make it their full time job. There are recent grads & career changers. Those that have already signed up are from cities all over the Americas, Europe & Africa with varying skillsets and include a high percentage of women and people of color. All are welcome!

Of course! Everyone is welcome regardless of previous experience. Your ability to write, design present or most importantly, your passion for music and eagerness to learn new things are more than enough!

In addition to the panel & talks, participants will spend the weekend working on data-related projects with the APIs and data that will be provided by the sponsors (and any other publically available data). You'll be completing a project that can easily be done with about 16-24 hours of group work to be able to present to an audience. You will have the option to work on sponsor provided business cases or you are free to come up with their own music data idea and roll with it.

You'll have the opportunity to share that with us in the weeks leading up to the event. We'll do our best to acommodate all requests but we also want to ensure the event is fun and fair, so should we need to redistribute participants to ensure everyone has a diverse array of talent we may. If you request to not be on someone's team, that request with absolutely be adhered to.

We will work to get approval to record as many of the speakers as we can but we cannot guarantee all speakers will authorize us to do so, so it's best to try to attend live. All project presentations will be recorded & also will be opened for those that sign up to be a spectator to watch.

We will work to get approval to record as many of the speakers as we can but we cannot guarantee all speakers will authorize us to do so. Talks & panels that will be available to the spectators & waitlisters will be noted above in the schedule. Some may be available live, recorded and distributed after the event or both. In all cases, spectators and waitlisters will not be able to interact/ask questions to speakers/panelists as that is reserved for participants only. We will send information on how to access the talks the week of the event.

All project presentations will be available to watch live and recorded for viewing after the event.

We completely understand that 3 days is a big commitment especially a Friday. Because of that, we're going to be flexible for Friday attendance. Though we understand participants have signed up from all over the world (and we love that!), this event's timing is most convenient for those in the Americas, Africa & Europe. While we can allow some flexibility on availability for some of the event, ALL participants must be available to present their projects as judges will be making their decisions live.

Project Presentations happen on: Sunday, February 28 at 6:45-9PM UK | 7:45-10PM FR | 10:45-1PM LA | 1:45-4PM NY | 12:45-3PM TN

In addition, in order to be fair to your team members, ALL participants must be available by Friday, February 26 at 6:30PM (in your time zone). If you have not checked in for the event by that time, your spot will be forfeited to someone on the waitlist. Note: Those in the Americas will miss all of Friday's talks if you do not join until 6:30PM and they may not be available for playback later.

If you cannot be available for these times, we ask that you PLEASE cancel your registration, as our waitlist has almost 200 people on it. You can do so here:

You'll be working with other people and you don't want to let them down so be sure that you're willing to commit to this! At the conclusion of the 3 days, we're expected that you've spent around 24 hours working & watching (about 8 hours each day!). If that seems like too much, perhaps you should get involved by being a spectator instead.

We will cut off registration so we don't watch too many hours of presentations. Groups will have between 5-6 people. The max amount of participants will be under 125 people.

All talks will be on Zoom. Throughout the weekend there will be a Slack channel for everyone to be able to talk with one another easily. Teams will also be able to use any platform of their choosing to communicate with one another, such as Google Hangouts (free).

No! Any pre-work is optional. We'll give people the option to check out the other participants to make team member requests prior to the start of the event. In addition, of course, getting familiar with the music industry and the data available will definitely helpful but certainly not required!

For your project, you can use any data that is free, publicly available and not in violation of any company's terms & conditions. This means that you CANNOT use your own company's data, your personal data (such as your own Spotify For Artists data), data that is available to you through your university or data scraped from any website where their terms & conditions prohibit such activity.

The only exception is if you are willing to and are legally able to offer up data to all participants. Meaning, if you are willing to give everyone read-only access to your YouTube data in case they also want to use it for their project, then you may use that data in your project.

These restrictions are why we've worked to provide you with so many sources of data! If you have any doubts as to whether a data source is acceptable in advance or during the event, do not hesitate to ask.

Happy to answer them! Email us at

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